LFCC 2012 Gallery

New addition to the album list – London Film and Comic Con – taking place in a temporary venue due to the almighty Olympics.  It’s a far more Western media-focused event than I usually attend but as it’s not far from me thought I’d take a look-see.  Can’t pass up chances to take more pictures now, can I?

LFCC boasts a guest list the likes of which I’ve never seen before, including several people I’d have quite liked to meet which is rare!  Of course this is me so priority goes to people in daft outfits over actual celebrities.

Only attended for the Saturday so the gallery is a little light, it’s also not as cosplay-heavy as many events I cover, and the temporary venue has little in the way of photo-taking-space so apologies for that.

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London MCM Expo 21 Gallery

Another Expo, the first one I got to experiment on with the steadicam, unfortunately also the one interrupted by another event double booking the entirety of the useful outdoor area, sigh. Dragging people to calmer areas (quite the walk!) took an annoying amount of time and I didn’t get to catch remotely the number of people I was hoping to. Still, made the most of it and hopefully got some good footage. Won’t find out until I check of course, but first come PHOTOS!

Kinda slacked on the photo front to accommodate videoings, outside of the masquerade at least, so apologies for sparseness. I’m hoping whatever I churn together on a timeline will make up for it! This is mostly due to the outside area being offlimits nearly the entire weekend, inside kinda sucks, the loss of space meant everything was packed tight, the weather didn’t help, and I pretty much had to drag people down the entire other end of the ExCeL to find space.. Even doing it every waking hour of the day before the masquerade I only got a fraction of the people I usually do.. Apparently the tree garden was opened up late on Saturday but by then I’d considered it a writeoff and patrolled the other end, and Sunday I only get a few hours of expo time between doors open and masq start T_T Normal photography service should resume next event, as long as EuroCosplay doesn’t keep me busy anyway!

As always, if you spot photos of yourself and want nicer copies, throw the NertCam number at me in private via whatever means you wish! Use ’em as you will, uploading to whatever social media of your choice is perfectly fine, credit’s not a requirement as long as they’re photos of yourself.

I’ve also set up something of a Facebook page now, I’ll be uploading some of the highlight photos from each event there as well as here so they can be tagged and be all web2.0 and I can pretend I’m popular! XD

So throw all your love and likes at: ManyLemons on Facebook

Updates can also be found on some other social networky thing called Twitter over at ManyLemonsUK

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Future Videos!

Since the first Cosplay Cascade video went down well I’ll likely be making more! I’ve had the odd request to be in the next one from various people so I’m making a general post on the topic.

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The NertCam Steadicam

So this is a bit of a breakdown of the toy I’ve been playing with the last few weeks. Inspired by cosplay fanvideos around the world I noted the video mode on my Canon 550d and set about doing some research on whether I could do anything similar!

Usual disclaimer, this is all my understanding of things and how they work, I could well be wrong or misguided, feel free to throw in comments if you know better! However for now this is kind of a layman’s view on things, I got a LOT of enquiries about the steadicam while running around with it at KitaCon and I promised I’d do a detailed writeup of how I abused the poor thing.

There’ll be a later post on actually using the thing and considerations for the filming itself, but for now this is the techy side of fixing up a cheapo steadicam.

This rig, of course, is all I used for the first Cosplay Cascade video, so the results are already out there!

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KitaCon 4 Gallery

KitaCon returns! Only my second visit but hardcore veterans were hitting the dancefloor for the fourth year running. If anyone worries the con scene might start to stagnate with the same faces every time, that’s not happening anytime soon! So many new faces in and out of costume it was quite the change to barely recognise anyone! Aw man, I have to do the whole socialising thing again?

Kita4 managed to best the previous year on just about every count, the vibe throughout the venue was amazing, lots of lovely costumes, and all the special guests were awesome to meet.

While the gallery numbers are respectable for a small event, Kita is anything but, so what gives? Also what the HELL is up with that massive data count, I ask myself? I may have been.. preoccupied the entire convention with the gadget you may have noticed in an earlier post. Details are still sketchy and we haven’t got all the intelligence on the matter yet, but rumour has it that I was filming cosplayers all about the convention merlin-steadicam-style. To what end? We just don’t have the answers yet..

But soon…

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Something lemony this way comes..

So we’ve got quite the run up of events approaching at shocking speed, MinamiCon is this coming weekend and once more I’ll be waxing satirical about photography rubbish so if you’re around earlyish on the Friday I appear to once more be taking over Event Room 2 from 5 ’til 6. So be there. Or don’t be. That’s fine; I won’t mind. I-it’s not like I do these things for you or anything.

To the right you may well notice something unusual, you may see this at the forthcoming events, do not run, do not fear or panic. Well, unless it looks good in 60fps, then feel free. Most importantly, don’t freeze on the spot! The deer-in-headlights look isn’t in fashion this season, do something cool instead! The lemon demands it. ManyLemons may well be revisiting something of a page from its own tattered, ancient-runed book, and taking a little return to roots with a project I have in mind.

To this end: EXPECT THE LENS

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HyperJapan 2012 Gallery

First event of the new year for me! HyperJapan returns for its third outing in an even larger venue and appears to have smacked its queuing problems on the head from last year, the event is only improving and this year was host to the UK qualifiers for both the European Cosplay Gathering, and – for the first time ever – World Cosplay Summit. The UK is finally on the WCS map!

Congratulations to our winners for both!

Lex and Sands are our representatives for the 2012 World Cosplay Summit with their excellent Vampire Hunter D (Amano version) costumes and performance, and will be attending the finals in Japan.

Yuka and Dahlia will be representing us at the 2012 European Cosplay Gathering with their costumes and performance from Final Fantasy XIII, as with Nomes with her Son Goku from Dragonball Z (which sadly I missed seeing!) at the finals held in France.

Other prizes went to contestants for: Judges’ Choice, Best Junior, Best Individual, 4th place, and 3rd place.

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