DIY flash bounce shield

I keep almost losing the one I’ve already made so I decided making a spare would be prudent; while I was at it, might as well document, right?  Also my site is kinda dead outside of convention times so might as well gap-fill!

So here’s a quick DIY project for a rotating bounce shield for flashguns – it’s a dead simple design and I figure could be adapted for most types – except those that don’t angle up I guess. It looks daft, it stands out, pro camera people will either mock you or acknowledge you with sage nods. Probably the former.

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The NertCam Steadicam

So this is a bit of a breakdown of the toy I’ve been playing with the last few weeks. Inspired by cosplay fanvideos around the world I noted the video mode on my Canon 550d and set about doing some research on whether I could do anything similar!

Usual disclaimer, this is all my understanding of things and how they work, I could well be wrong or misguided, feel free to throw in comments if you know better! However for now this is kind of a layman’s view on things, I got a LOT of enquiries about the steadicam while running around with it at KitaCon and I promised I’d do a detailed writeup of how I abused the poor thing.

There’ll be a later post on actually using the thing and considerations for the filming itself, but for now this is the techy side of fixing up a cheapo steadicam.

This rig, of course, is all I used for the first Cosplay Cascade video, so the results are already out there!

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Cosplaying for the Camera (Pt. 2)

Part 2!  (Missed part 1? it’s right here)
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Cosplaying for the Camera

So here’s me uploading the posing panel slides for more open mockery!  Probably less interesting/useful online than the photography panel as you don’t get to see me flailing around as examples but we’ll see what we can do.

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Cosplay Photography – THE SCIENCE SLIDES (Part 2)

Part II, because I just can’t write succinctly.  If you read the original massive post then this is just the latter half of that, because it’s so big it keeps breaking things. NOW I BREAK IT! HA! Continue reading Cosplay Photography – THE SCIENCE SLIDES (Part 2)…

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Cosplay Photography – THE SCIENCE SLIDES

As per request, here’s the sciencey basic slides from my Cosplay Photography panel, hope it comes in as a handy (lengthy..) reference, or at least you get to laugh at how little I UNDERSTAND ANYTHING, or something.

Imagine the entirety of this text read to you very quickly with maniacal hand gestures.

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