AmeCon 2012 Photo Map

Did one for Aya so here’s one for the next summer con, AmeCon!  Set once more at the picturesque Keele University it has the most gorgeous location for cosplay photos and video out of any of our conventions so if you’ve got something special lined up – this is the event to show it off at!  To help, and possibly inspire, here’s a blatantly-thieved Google Maps image overlaid with the Keele Uni conference map and then covered with arrows  showing where I got all my photos last time, for people looking to find the perfect backdrop for their costumes.

Blue buildings should be the main areas of convention-happening (Keele Hall for breakfast, Student Union for evening events and the other two for panels and day events) – as I understand them anyways.

Green are other buildings, marked so you don’t try to walk through them I guess, thinking they’re on the map as some sort of squareish tree.

Purple are accomodation blocks, I don’t know which ones we’ve got access to but they’re the ones marked on the conference guide.  I was in Lindsay Halls last time hence why there’s plenty of reference shots from there ;)


Click here for a ridiculous-sized copy.

(Updated: 09/07 – swapped the top right image of the SU building as it’s under major works – thanks to @demonkeyz for the replacement and letting us know!)

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