AyaCon 2011 Gallery

Apologies for the unusually long delay on this, and for the rather slim pickings on the Cosplay gallery (also apologies for the ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS amount of Masq photos), the con was absolutely amazing and lived up to its reputation, I just wasn’t up to my usual standards. Luckily, I had some help:

This AyaCon, a most beloved convention, saw the first foray of an official ManyLemons tag team effort, accompanied by trusty minions assistants Niffer and Locke, as well as InvisiGirl volunteering on the AyaCon camcorder:

(If any of the above have sullied the name of the sprocketed lemon slice and require beatings, let me know)

With any luck they haven’t been utterly scared off by me demanding they spend every waking second after the con getting their photos processed and to me for uploading and you may see them at future events!

Hope everyone enjoyed the new and improved CosplayHQ, the team pulled out all the stops to fill the room and the schedule end to end with STUFF, never before has so much velcro been used in one day.. Also hope people enjoyed the cosplay mosaic banner:


Which took FOREVER but so, so worth it. That right there is over 1,600 different cosplay photographs montaged into some lovely AyaCon banner artwork from Sonia Leong.

Lastly, congratulations to theKillingDoll for snatching the second and final coveted position as a representative of the UK in the EuroCosplay 2011 finals!

Singular Lemony Comment on AyaCon 2011 Gallery

  1. Kwesi
    September, 9th 2011 at 11:15 am

    Are you going to be at the MCM Expo in October?
    Come visit our stall (Mayamada) for a special gift just for you! Ask for Lao or Kwesi.

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