Everything UnAsplode

Update: Luck it is! Super thanks to:

For taking the time to have made some PHP7 compatible edits to long-deserted codebases!

I am looking into alternative gallery solutions now anyway, but for now ML is back online! If you run into some long timeouts followed by database errors just wait and refresh, the poor thing has a lot of photos to recache.

One of the issues of doing this for so long is getting complacent – a backend upgrade to the web server highlighted just how old the framework my gallery uses was. Old enough that it has fallen over dead and I’m not entirely sure I can get it standing up again! I have a few options but without a bit of luck, none of them will restore things as they were.

That’s not to say any photos are lost of course, just it’s going to take me a while to either get everything back online, or to redesign how I host photos from the ground up, then upload everything again.

Sorry for the sudden outage, I’ll get things sorted as soon as I can.

– Nert

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