KitaCon 4 Gallery

KitaCon returns! Only my second visit but hardcore veterans were hitting the dancefloor for the fourth year running. If anyone worries the con scene might start to stagnate with the same faces every time, that’s not happening anytime soon! So many new faces in and out of costume it was quite the change to barely recognise anyone! Aw man, I have to do the whole socialising thing again?

Kita4 managed to best the previous year on just about every count, the vibe throughout the venue was amazing, lots of lovely costumes, and all the special guests were awesome to meet.

While the gallery numbers are respectable for a small event, Kita is anything but, so what gives? Also what the HELL is up with that massive data count, I ask myself? I may have been.. preoccupied the entire convention with the gadget you may have noticed in an earlier post. Details are still sketchy and we haven’t got all the intelligence on the matter yet, but rumour has it that I was filming cosplayers all about the convention merlin-steadicam-style. To what end? We just don’t have the answers yet..

But soon…

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