Lack of Con Season

What’s this?! An entry on ML that isn’t specifically attached to an event of somesort?


tl;dr version: What kind of panel/workshop would you want to see from me? or for me to generally arrange and drag people into?

Initially just a quick note I’ve gone back and cherry picked  bunch of the better photos from the last few events to go in the Showcase folder, and I’ve randomized that up so it’s less.. static.  Also getting into the groove of taking special care of some of the nicer shots or ones that could shine if given a little polish.  I’m still very hands-off with photoshop, 99% of my photos only ever see a bit of ACDSee develop-mode love before hitting the upload script, but sometimes the odd shot deserves a little more TLC than that.

I has a beauty dish!  Only a portable, plastic, velcro-together deal but still requires some experimentation!  So expect that.  Also been toying a bit with a homemade fig-rig for potential video work in the future but it’s not perfect.  Tried to mount some LED worklights on it but they’re a bit.. directional. More playing is needed!

So that’s the update, however I have DUAL PURPOSES for this post, triple purposes if you count the fact I don’t like seeing the exact same static entry for the months between Oct Expo and Minami :P

Said ulterior motive is to get some feedback, and I know that’s like pulling teeth but TOUGH.   So another Minami approaches, and since the crowd is often highly similar in attendance I don’t want to drag out the old panel material for another revision.. I could get away with that at larger events or ones I’ve not been to before but here they’ll kinda notice.

Ideas on the table so far are revisiting the previous two (photography and posing) but with different approaches or more specific stuff, both were pretty open ended.  Workshops sound more fun but hard to do with only a couple of cameras and a lot of people!  Ideas welcome there too.  I could even do cosplay ones if.. I’d made any costumes worth writing panels on!  Not that that technically stopped me last time..

I’m happy to do another posing one, I have a bunch of ideas on action/fisticuffs/leapingaround/etc shots, and leading that in with scene recreations in general (expressions, intent, etc), but would that be enough of a panel to interest people?  Or what else could I cover?  Happy to re-tread ground as long as it won’t get dull for people who actually remember my previous stuff!  (or, you know, read it online)

Similarly I can blab for hours on photography itself, and there’s a wealth of stuff I have ideas to talk about regarding how cameras work, understanding how and why to use them as compared to our own eyes, all sorts of sciencey and optical illusionary things, and a ton of stuff on flash and shaping light, but again, that’s kinda specific?   and I’d want to at least somehow link it back to cosplay so it’s even relevant to the convention!

Even if you’re not going to Minami, once I’ve made the panel material you can be sure I’ll wheel it out at other events and/or do a writeup online later so if it does interest you, prod me to do it and  it’ll get to you one way or another!

2 Lemony Comments on Lack of Con Season

  1. xahldera
    December, 27th 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Would like to see some hints on lighting, specifically flashguns and other artificial lighting as it’s still a bit of a challenge for me. Also some advice on close up portraits would be nice as I always get that nagging feeling I’m “not quite there yet” when it comes to using that zoom lens.

  2. - Thy name -
    February, 20th 2012 at 8:01 am

    Would like to see you step away from the camera and enjoy the convention more ^_-

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