MinamiCon 17 Photo Gallery

Standard blurb applies, feel free to thieve for personal and non-commercial use (Profile pictures/albums/CosplayIsland/Coscom/etc), editing or deletion requests, as well as requests for unwatermarked copies, are typically honoured from those featured in them. Any other uses, get in touch and we’ll figure something out.

Thanks to all who came to my panel on the Friday (Cosplay Photography for Beginners), I’ve had some positive feedback so hopefully the rest of you enjoyed it too!  Also thanks to everyone who dropped by the photo studio and didn’t get bored of us, all my photos are in the Photoshoots album and MinamiCon will shortly be sending out individual emails to those who took part.

If you missed the panel, and just happen to be at KitaCon on the 1st April, then you’re in luck for at 6pm on that very day I shall be reliving those 60 minutes of panicked talking and bizarre slides.  Now with less Random Figurines ™

Aaaaand of course thanks to all those who kept me sane throughout the weekend.

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