Server Moved!

So after, what, eight years of squatting on a backup NotNet server? ManyLemons has finally gotten too big for its boots and has moved on to freeload off someone else :P  Many thanks to BenC for all the years of generous service!

Now your plethora of cosplay photographs come hosted courtesy of the wonderous CosplayIsland.

Everything seems to have moved across without much of a hitch, there were a few brief outages of 500 SERVER ERROR OH CRAP EVERYTHING IS DEAD ABORT ABORT ABORT but now everything is sorted, hopefully.  I now have access to server logs, bandwidth stats and 404 lists :O  So have been cleaning up old broken incoming links and hotlinked thumbnails for galleries of yesteryear when I didn’t have a decent album structure down, it took some wild, crazy RewriteRule work but I think I’ve caught most of them now.  Yell if you spot any around in peoples’ old LJ entries or whatnot that don’t appear now. has finally shifted too so shortlinks should be working again, yay.

Other bonus is speeeed, the new server is shiny and stuff. Though how well it will cope with the UK’s cosplay hub and biggest photo gallery on the same server come convention time?  Only time will tell!  Oh hello Expo, coming up are you?  Oh dear.

The damaged 50mm lens has been replaced just in time (thanks to Lex for aid with that! Again!)  for Expo and I’ll be trying out a cheapy RapidStrap copycat to see if it makes me any quicker at getting those unexpected photos!  I’m working on a stereo-camera bracket for 3Dness but it poses many a problem so whether a working prototype will be in action at Expo or not is yet to be seen..

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