Shortening the Intarwebs

Soo, I’ve been busy.

As you may have noticed, my URL is not the shortest of things, tack on the gallery bits and try linking to any actual images.. and yeah, hugeness occurs. Especially with Gallery2’s love of ?=STUFF tags all upons. I realise I’m slightly strange in having a gallery where every file has a unique filename but still…



well more THINGS HAVE BEEN GENERALLY ADDED AND HACKED TO PIECES than changed, but change has happened too.

First up, direct image links are DIRECT, none of this query string rubbish. Sadly this does mean if I so much as look at an image funny, said link may break as the serial numbers hidden in the url may change, this sucks, I am unable to do much about this.

However, how do you like THESE APPLES:

Go to an image of your choice, I choose this one, because I can:


Not only is it a hilariously amusing picture of Eli and Angie, but there be like.. words and stuff at the botom.

What words, you ask?

Well first some exif data but that’s old news. NO. FURTHER DOWN!

PoikNet NertCam URL:
Direct image link:
Thumbnail linking to the page:

Holy cake on a stick with strawberries, that there (finally) be some CUT-AND-PASTE-ABLE LINKS

Yeah I finally figured out why they weren’t showing for non-admin users. Turns out you have to turn on two entirely seperate options. Obviously.

Wait there’s more! Check out the sidebar (link at the top right) and there’s a Get Item URLs option, which is basically more of the same where I ticked every bloody option there was, so if it ends up saving you some time, then awesome.


Oh no.

No, no, no.

Check out that top one, the one that’s waaaay shorter than anything else.

That, my friends, is a bonafide SHORTLINK



It’s Amy’s face.


THE LINK IS NOW DIAMON er, shorter.  But it’s still Amy’s face.




So I’ve had the domain since I was like 18 and most of my emails go through there but never had much use as a website, and the shortness of it was something of a curse as I get a lot of spam from people mashing the keyboard into email fields -_- So laregly it has gone unused, especially since it has no hosting — only forwarding. Lame, I know.

So this is one major hackorama, but it seems to work.

Basically goes off and forwards you into searching the gallery for that NertCam number! If there are multiples because of strange things afoot then both will be shown but otherwise BAM right on target!

This did of course mean making sure that filenames WERE unique.. they should be but.. well.. you know when I first got a DSLR? yeah.. I kind of just named everything NertCam-0001, same as with my old camera.. oops.

Now Gallery2 doesn’t support batch renaming, especially not when regexs are involved.. soo it’s been a case of RIP EVERYTHING OUT, ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BEFORE LIKE MINAMI 15, rename accordingly, and then readd them painstakingly. This is made trickier when you have 5+gb of photos, and the server you’re on has about 4.8gb of space free..

So if things are a bit amiss, external links have finally broken, I apologise. Also lots of albums now lack pretty representative thumbnails and are stuck with default first-picture-i-took-that-day boringness.. Will have to fix that but it takes aaages T_T

There’s some slight fudgery if you want to link older photos, anything taken on the IXUS is now named NertCamMini and accessed through and anything before that is named NertCamOld and well, good luck :P If you want a literal search and not me shoving NertCams in front, then works for now. I’m hoping I caught all silliness and generated the urls properly but if anything breaks let me know.

If you know the number but not what camera I took it on (and tbh I don’t expect people to remember!) then should find it regardless

Sooo basically short urls for everybody, yay.

Also tidied up the front gallery page some more, it’s getting there.

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