AMV: Thissu Kissu

The tenth anniversary of the UK’s longest running anime convention, MinamiCon, heralded it’s first AMV competition, a minor event in it’s playlist but one that sounded worth trying for.

The con is known for being the cute happy UK con, it allows people of all ages, and tries to maintain a general family-happy fluffy aura, so preferred videos would have to match that nature. Keeping such in mind, I trawled around random music I’ve had laying around for years, and came across a song I still don’t think is very good, but it’s highly adept at forcing itself into your skull and never, ever, leaving.

It matches the happier side of KareKano very well, so it seemed it’s destiny was already chosen. One thing about entering a competition that isn’t due for about 9 months: Don’t forget when the exact final entries day is. Or at least remember to check more than 5 days before it expires! 2 days of work, followed by three days of caffienated beverages and not even getting near my bed, I finished this video just in time to be mailed special delivery to make it in on time. It wasn’t intended to be a winning video, I just wanted a nice solid clean start as what’s technically my first actual AMV.

The winning video did blow it out of the air, but it stood very well against the rest of the opposition.. Next time, Gadget, next time!!

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