Video: Blean Witch Project

Okay so I’m trying to make a complete archive here so I’m getting all the reeeeally crappy videos out of the way first so they appear lower on the page :P

It was spring 2000 and we were trying to do some location shooting for (dare I utter it) “The Planned Movie”. So 3 of us wandered into the deep dark depths of the forest with only a camera and our own sense of direction. Needless to say, we only had the camera.

It was a great trip into the forest; we found a cleaning with loads of cut trees and had some epic fights with giant great big sticks. There were some nasty accidents and words were said that needed to be said given the pain and damage just inflicted (but I digress). We got lost and couldn’t find our way back. This combined with exhaustion, sleep deprivation and hunger made us start acting out strange scenes from the “Blair Witch Project” (recently released).

By some superb fluke we managed to totally improvise a classic spoof documentary. Some Attenborough-style commentaries accompanying Allan’s natural monkeying about completely unaware of what’s being said make this a classic.

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