Video: No Regrets

What to say, really? Three years of University life over, and with it the student lifestyle. Ahead lies a cold, bleak future of work and blehness. Or does it? Warning, this is an absolute sappy cheesefest.

This video is as a final goodbye to the life we once shared, as a house of monkeys. This was also my first attempt at something a little more artistic. I’d already tried the slow and emotional approach with Clarie’s Africa video, but this one was to mean a lot more, to be a lot more emotional and powerful. It mixes slow motion video clips from all throughout our times together, along with a plethora of photos from our combined collections

Unlike the others this video had the time to be polished before unveiling. It is missing the subtitle karaoke I had originally intended on having, and there is a glitch with image masks I still haven’t fixed, but that’s highly unnoticable unless you know where to look. I experimented a lot with simple effects and I like to think they came out very well with the style of the music. The basic theory being that the less you can see of an image before recognising it, the more powerful it’s effect will be. Balancing that with not excluding people who haven’t revised up on their 42h Theory lately is quite difficult but I think this video has a lot of both sides in.

This was unveiled at my shared birthday party in 2003, at the same time was presented to me actually :D Tissues had to be handed out, and I was told I was a very bad person for making my friends cry.

Singular Lemony Comment on Video: No Regrets

  1. nephew
    September, 7th 2014 at 8:10 pm

    why cant i see no regrets its jaymie btw! come on uncle u finally got the site up to date amd the links are dead :( !

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