Video: The Frightened Fresher

Jeez, where to even begin explaining this one. This is like meta-meta-meta-injokes all upons.

One random uneventful day we randomly came into contact with a bizarre flash animation named “The Frightened Boy”. After the first viewing, we were shocked at how totally messed up it was (watch it and you’ll know what I mean). We said jokingly “This is the reason people should be banned from using Flash”, every time somebody visited the house, we would show them the animation, they would blink, twitch and usually run screaming. We quickly came to realise what a work of art it was and became die-hard fans of Joel Veitch (creator, and also the crab of ineffable wisdom).

Hot on the heels of “The Frightened Boy” came “Blode”. Again, strange, cheap, but contained buckets of style.

This video was created for our University Graduation day. It includes pictures most of the people we met over the years, horribly disfigured to fit into masks cut from the Blode animations. It was made as a big injoke as well as a bit of a general knowing shout to everyone we knew. However, while it is largely an injoke, it’s still kinda fun to watch. Careful for motion sickness though.

In the background of the video is a super fast walk around the entire UKC campus, in the corner is a funky map showing your current position. The music will be instantly familiar after watching the originals above.

If you don’t watch the original animations this video will make no sense whatsoever and will look like the work of a madman. (Not that being a madman is a bad thing, or that the video will make much sense either way..)

The Frightened Boy
Blode 2

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