Video: Revise or Die

It was a dark time.. University as we know it was coming to an end. The time had flown so quick, and now the pressure was on. Three years of lectures, and monkeying, all leading up to a final climax.. Would we pass the final exams? Well, yes. We’re not stupid enough to waste our time at University, we work as hard as we play. Still the pressure gets pretty harsh when it comes down to it.. Taking it from the perspective of a movie though..


The End is coming..

..but we have gained experience with plastic weapons



Much had happened in the past 3 years. Allan got his treasured Ninja suit, there’d been an organised stealth flourbomb attack on the university student panel, Allan got beaten about the living room (a lot), but most importantly we were to leave our home and our friends..


Flourbombed sabbaticals

We gained more plastic weapons

We got Allan a Ninja Suit (Why God, why?)

We had far too many Kinder Disappointments



Revise or Die celebrates the epic struggle and adventure of a small renegade band of students against the grade..

The video is in the style of a movie trailer, but don’t be fooled by the “Coming Soon” at the end. It’s just to compliment the trailer atmosphere.

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