Cosplay Cascade – MinamiCon 7-19

12 years in the making, who’d have thought it?

So I started off with a video camera, just as I started going to cons I’d upgraded to a miniDV camcorder from an old Video8 thingy, so at least we’re spared analogue noise here.

MinamiCon was my first ever convention, Minami 7 to be precise.  I had no idea what I was in for, I was merely told it was a good time and I was too late for the year people I knew were going (6) so I signed up for the following year when they’d all graduated and promptly realised I had no clue whatsoever what actually went on at a con!

It would be a few years later when I made the switch to photography, my video camera had died and photos gave a much more instant gratification, also I hadn’t tried to shoot anything useful and had just swung the camera around at anything that looked interesting – I could edit but was useless at having a purpose to filming.  When I couldn’t get photos I’d switch to video on a tiny IXUS 70, and when I upgraded to a DSLR I would often thrust the IXUS on whoever had the misfortune to sit next to me to film skits with.  It wasn’t until I strapped said DSLR to a steadycam that I ventured back into video proper.

So there’s kind of a few dark years where there’s not much video at all – I was too busy taking photos!  Nonetheless I put together everything I could find, every scrap of useful Minami footage that I personally have over the years.  This means anything prior to 7 hasn’t made it in for obvious reasons!

It’s a wonderful convention if you’re the type to enjoy it, it’s small, it’s quiet, it’s chilled, you’re never far from a place to sit down and socialise.  We play stupid games, go to interesting panels, and just chill out rather than most events where it’s run around like a headless chicken time.  Being my first convention it’s also the one I share the most memories of, it’s where I’ve met the majority of my friends, it’s always the con that sees my new equipment first because it’s the most relaxed, and the easiest to practice at.  It sees a good turnover of new faces every year but still feels the same – in a good way. It’s like coming home once a year.

To that end, to celebrate its 20th anniversary I put this together. It’s not polished, it’s not an exciting beat-filled track, but it suits Minami perfectly.

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MinamiCon 19 Gallery

Always my official start to the convention year, MinamiCon rolls around once more in time-honoured tradition.  No other event is as much of an institution as turning up to that Novotel lobby to already see crowds of familiar faces like we never left it the previous year!

A much more relaxed event than most in recent memory, as if there was a collective LETS TAKE A BREAK FROM RIDICULOUS COSTUMES FOR ONCE and I think it was a good move, certainly meant I wasn’t running around like a headless chicken for once!  Still plenty of lovely costumes to take pictures of at leisure, and I think overall comfort levels were higher for it.   This year the convention started earlier and finished later, crammed a lot more events in, and ran a chillout kotatsu lounge after the closing ceremony, filled with makeshift kotatsus, duvets, pillows, and many, many games.  Probably one of my favourite Minamis to date.

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MinamiCon 17 Photo Gallery

Standard blurb applies, feel free to thieve for personal and non-commercial use (Profile pictures/albums/CosplayIsland/Coscom/etc), editing or deletion requests, as well as requests for unwatermarked copies, are typically honoured from those featured in them. Any other uses, get in touch and we’ll figure something out.

Thanks to all who came to my panel on the Friday (Cosplay Photography for Beginners), I’ve had some positive feedback so hopefully the rest of you enjoyed it too!  Also thanks to everyone who dropped by the photo studio and didn’t get bored of us, all my photos are in the Photoshoots album and MinamiCon will shortly be sending out individual emails to those who took part.

If you missed the panel, and just happen to be at KitaCon on the 1st April, then you’re in luck for at 6pm on that very day I shall be reliving those 60 minutes of panicked talking and bizarre slides.  Now with less Random Figurines ™

Aaaaand of course thanks to all those who kept me sane throughout the weekend.

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MinamiCon 17 Upcoming…

Less than a week to go!

Praying some deliveries arrive in time, this should be interesting :P

This is of course official notice to all attending cosplayers to ensure they should accidentally or purposefully get in front of my lens at some point.

Also, turning up early?

Going to be looking for something to do at, say, 5pm on the Friday?


Cosplay Photography, A Beginner’s Guide. Last year was all for cosplayers wanting to get some posing tips, this time it’s for those of us behind the magical shutter button!

What’s that?



Saturday 10-12  and Sunday 10-11:30 I’ll be chained into slave labour in the photo studio room so you can come along to point, laugh, and stand in front of the screen. I’ll probably, like, take pictures or something.

So there.


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