Cosplay Photography – THE SCIENCE SLIDES (Part 2)

Part II, because I just can’t write succinctly.  If you read the original massive post then this is just the latter half of that, because it’s so big it keeps breaking things. NOW I BREAK IT! HA! Continue reading Cosplay Photography – THE SCIENCE SLIDES (Part 2)…

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Cosplay Photography – THE SCIENCE SLIDES

As per request, here’s the sciencey basic slides from my Cosplay Photography panel, hope it comes in as a handy (lengthy..) reference, or at least you get to laugh at how little I UNDERSTAND ANYTHING, or something.

Imagine the entirety of this text read to you very quickly with maniacal hand gestures.

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Shortening the Intarwebs

Soo, I’ve been busy.

As you may have noticed, my URL is not the shortest of things, tack on the gallery bits and try linking to any actual images.. and yeah, hugeness occurs. Especially with Gallery2’s love of ?=STUFF tags all upons. I realise I’m slightly strange in having a gallery where every file has a unique filename but still…



well more THINGS HAVE BEEN GENERALLY ADDED AND HACKED TO PIECES than changed, but change has happened too.

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Gallery begone!

/gallery/ is dead, long live /photos!

it is gone but has come back out of chrysalis as something else.

Soo, here goes.  ManyLemons relaunch! ..again!

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