Cosplay Cascade – MinamiCon 7-19

12 years in the making, who’d have thought it?

So I started off with a video camera, just as I started going to cons I’d upgraded to a miniDV camcorder from an old Video8 thingy, so at least we’re spared analogue noise here.

MinamiCon was my first ever convention, Minami 7 to be precise.  I had no idea what I was in for, I was merely told it was a good time and I was too late for the year people I knew were going (6) so I signed up for the following year when they’d all graduated and promptly realised I had no clue whatsoever what actually went on at a con!

It would be a few years later when I made the switch to photography, my video camera had died and photos gave a much more instant gratification, also I hadn’t tried to shoot anything useful and had just swung the camera around at anything that looked interesting – I could edit but was useless at having a purpose to filming.  When I couldn’t get photos I’d switch to video on a tiny IXUS 70, and when I upgraded to a DSLR I would often thrust the IXUS on whoever had the misfortune to sit next to me to film skits with.  It wasn’t until I strapped said DSLR to a steadycam that I ventured back into video proper.

So there’s kind of a few dark years where there’s not much video at all – I was too busy taking photos!  Nonetheless I put together everything I could find, every scrap of useful Minami footage that I personally have over the years.  This means anything prior to 7 hasn’t made it in for obvious reasons!

It’s a wonderful convention if you’re the type to enjoy it, it’s small, it’s quiet, it’s chilled, you’re never far from a place to sit down and socialise.  We play stupid games, go to interesting panels, and just chill out rather than most events where it’s run around like a headless chicken time.  Being my first convention it’s also the one I share the most memories of, it’s where I’ve met the majority of my friends, it’s always the con that sees my new equipment first because it’s the most relaxed, and the easiest to practice at.  It sees a good turnover of new faces every year but still feels the same – in a good way. It’s like coming home once a year.

To that end, to celebrate its 20th anniversary I put this together. It’s not polished, it’s not an exciting beat-filled track, but it suits Minami perfectly.

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Cosplay Cascade: KitaCon 4

The sprocketed lemon slice rotates once more!

It’s been a long time, my jog/shuttle wheel hasn’t seen this much exercise in many years but it’s time I got back in the editing seat and got some movement up in my visual media deliverings!

In other words: A cosplay music video has been made! Except CMV doesn’t sound all that cool so I’m going with the far cheesier Cosplay Cascade! (I reserve the right to retract this name if the world and its dog hates it) Thanks to all the wonderful cosplayers of KitaCon 4 for putting up with me not just snapping photos but also making them spin like tops, jump about, and generally flail around like loons. This is your payoff! All 130ish of you! Apologies to anyone I filmed who didn’t make it in, there aren’t many and most are my fault at the camera end!

All weekend I was trying out my amateur steadicam and running semicircles around people in order to get that magical floating-camera effect that’s popular these days, with the aim of setting it to music and making something cool. I had a lot of fun with this and it was great to see so many people getting involved.

But hang on“, I imagine you saying, “aren’t you ripping off CosplayFever with making music videos?

  • Not at all! I started out in music video stuffs, albeit not with cosplayers, nor with any clue what I was doing, nor were they any good, but NEVERMIND!
  • I did – since we’re on good terms anyway – check I wouldn’t be stepping on toes by making one, so I think we cool. Hopefully.
  • I’m ripping off acksonl, get it right! Jeez. I am half expecting a knock on the door and opening it to get the back end of a steadicam to the face for this, but I figure no one else this side of the pond is making them so..

So yes, music, cosplayers, swishy steadicam, and much silliness. As a disclaimer – beyond not owning rights the music in any way, shape or form – I’m not a pro at this. The steadicam rig is cheap, flaky, customised and abused muchly; this is only my second outing doing any filming with it and my first on this scale; my editing skills haven’t been flexed since like 2006; etc etc excuses excuses. Basically: it isn’t all sharp, perfectly focused, smoothly panned, ungrainy footage and I can’t even promise I kept peoples’ heads in view the whole time. I’ll get better!

For obvious reasons, I’ll take criticisms on the filming, the grading, the editing, music choice, what have you, but keep negative comments on individual cosplayers to yourselves – they’re out of my control XD and a lot of them are good friends of mine.

Hope you enjoy, share the love, etc. Anyone interested in taking up similar projects or donating footage to the cause of Nert Makes More Videos, I’ll be making posts about the steadicam and its trials/tribulations soonish.

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Video: Revise or Die

It was a dark time.. University as we know it was coming to an end. The time had flown so quick, and now the pressure was on. Three years of lectures, and monkeying, all leading up to a final climax.. Would we pass the final exams? Well, yes. We’re not stupid enough to waste our time at University, we work as hard as we play. Still the pressure gets pretty harsh when it comes down to it.. Taking it from the perspective of a movie though..


The End is coming..

..but we have gained experience with plastic weapons



Much had happened in the past 3 years. Allan got his treasured Ninja suit, there’d been an organised stealth flourbomb attack on the university student panel, Allan got beaten about the living room (a lot), but most importantly we were to leave our home and our friends..


Flourbombed sabbaticals

We gained more plastic weapons

We got Allan a Ninja Suit (Why God, why?)

We had far too many Kinder Disappointments



Revise or Die celebrates the epic struggle and adventure of a small renegade band of students against the grade..

The video is in the style of a movie trailer, but don’t be fooled by the “Coming Soon” at the end. It’s just to compliment the trailer atmosphere.

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Video: You Don’t Know Poik

Lamest title ever, this was also part of the Summer 2002 Graduation video medley I put together so it was pretty rushed, even though this was the only one I went back to and finished later.. I honestly couldn’t come up with anything else :P

“You Don’t Know Jack” (YDKJ) is a PC quiz game. It’s a huge game series in America, spanning so many different topics with addon packs and the like. I’m not going to voice an opinion on the US games *coughcoughcrapcough* because this may provoke a war.

However the UK edition (little spoken about and sadly the only UK iteration) is a true work of art. Brilliant atmosphere, stylish, truly sharp humour and wit and it has had many grown men on their knees trying to catch their breath from laughter.

After a heavy session of proving how truly poor we are at such a satirical quiz game, and failing to get onto the high score board, again, the game (as always) played a set of joke adverts while the credits rolled. One of these adverts caught us off-guard, “John Target – The Movie”. It took us many hours playing the game before the advert popped up again and we were able to cunningly snatch it from the game. We are missing the first few seconds, however. Think any random Arnie film and you get the idea. The clip itself is a parody, obviously, but without visuals. I decided I should add some.

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Video: Particle Monkey

We liked the song, I strung a video along to it. That’s about as deep a story as there is.

Largely it involves Allan recieving beatings and humiliation, we have no problem with this.

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Video: The Frightened Fresher

Jeez, where to even begin explaining this one. This is like meta-meta-meta-injokes all upons.

One random uneventful day we randomly came into contact with a bizarre flash animation named “The Frightened Boy”. After the first viewing, we were shocked at how totally messed up it was (watch it and you’ll know what I mean). We said jokingly “This is the reason people should be banned from using Flash”, every time somebody visited the house, we would show them the animation, they would blink, twitch and usually run screaming. We quickly came to realise what a work of art it was and became die-hard fans of Joel Veitch (creator, and also the crab of ineffable wisdom).

Hot on the heels of “The Frightened Boy” came “Blode”. Again, strange, cheap, but contained buckets of style.

This video was created for our University Graduation day. It includes pictures most of the people we met over the years, horribly disfigured to fit into masks cut from the Blode animations. It was made as a big injoke as well as a bit of a general knowing shout to everyone we knew. However, while it is largely an injoke, it’s still kinda fun to watch. Careful for motion sickness though.

In the background of the video is a super fast walk around the entire UKC campus, in the corner is a funky map showing your current position. The music will be instantly familiar after watching the originals above.

If you don’t watch the original animations this video will make no sense whatsoever and will look like the work of a madman. (Not that being a madman is a bad thing, or that the video will make much sense either way..)

The Frightened Boy
Blode 2

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Video: The Monkeytrix

Sadly this piece still remains unfinished, and large gaps are pretty evident. This is a classic example of what befalls every music video creator.. “Great idea, but did you think further than the intro?” — Admittedly I actually did, I just thought I had more footage than I did.

It’s clear to see what this was intended to be, some of the effects and clips are only there as rough examples and things I was toying with before running out of time. This was intended to be part of the great Graduation presentation, but had to be dropped due to, well, running out of time juggling the other videos around.

At any rate, the introduction scenes are still entertaining which is why I still let it exist until I find more clips to fill it with. Who needs to dodge bullets when you can dodge watercannons?

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