Here’re the success stories from the 3D camera rig over the Expo weekend, in anaglyph mode (requires red/cyan 3D glasses, other colours or cinema glasses won’t cut the proverbial mustard):


and eyebending-autostereogram mode (sit back, dead centre and level to picture, cross eyes until each side overlaps in the middle, relax and your eyes should focus eventually, takes practice but no glasses!):


Yeah there’s one that only has a red/cyan version, turns out holding the camera at a 45-degree angle does HORRIBLE THINGS to your eyes in autostereogram, who’d have thought? :p  The red/cyan version sort of ish works, the effect is there anyway.

So how did it fare? Not so bad, not so great, a bit of both. In my brief tests the differences between the two cameras (450d and 550d) weren’t enough to cause problems – resizing the larger picture to match the smaller worked just fine. In practice, something else is up; the 450d is delivering darker images with more shadows and sharper backgrounds, while the 550d consistently manages lighter shadows and a slight orange-reddish tint to everything in comparison.

Now whether this is at least partly due to the 450d’s lens having been dropped is uncertain. The lens only closes up to 2.8 and even that’s a case of the lens will close in smaller increments up until that point, whether it’s accurately that value is uncertain – though eyeballing it, it looks to be true. Taking a few pictures at home and matching the sharpness up it seems going to f/3.5 on the 550d brought the closest match to the 450d’s new f/2.8 max (just to be clear, it’s the broken lens’s max, the camera itself is fine).

I’ve managed to clear up most of the issues in post, but not much can fix the difference in bokeh. Luckily the human brain is pretty damned smart and many of us already have differences between our eyes that it compensates for without anyone but our optician noticing. Thus most of the time it doesn’t affect the final result much, but it’s unideal. I’ll have to do more testing, try swapping lenses and so on. PITA :P

Still, it was a fun experiment, the 3D rig got a lot more people talking to me than I’m used to and it is a fun gimmick to wave around. Despite the fact it’s made of doorframe, ducttape and homemade wiring, while one lens is wrapped in yellow PVC tape to designate its borkedness, people still seem to generally go LOOK OUT, ITS A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER! QUICK, EVERYONE VOGUE!

Any sufficiently advanced (looking) technology is indistinguishable from magic, as they say!

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London MCM Expo 19 Coming up

General last-minute-ish update.

I’ll be in attendance is usual, packing up so I can head up early and help with cosplay desk setup ecetera, so posting this now.

If there’s wallspace again near the cosplay desk then the 3D gallery will return! With fancier glasses! Yay. On that note also, I have created something monsterous:


That right there is a stereo camera bracket!  To what end, you might ask?  MORE 3D

Currently I’ve been taking 3D stereo photographs with a single camera, by getting the cosplayer to hold still and physically moving myself to get the dual images required to mimic each eye’s view. Since I now have two cameras, and the old 50mm lens was damaged (no longer closes aperture past f/2.8 T_T) a replacement was required but the old one can sit on my old 450d and VOILA, both strapped to each other I can now take true stereo photographs. ACTION SHOTS, PEOPLE!

Sadly only at f/2.8 when 3D pictures work better with sharp backgrounds but can’t really be picky here.

I went through various iterations of how to make this thing, I don’t have a great deal of money or tools and accuracy is kind of a big thing with this.. So it’s made from a doorframe’s carpet edging slat, for lack of an accurate name, which had screw holes in exactly the right distance apart for what I needed, how lucky?

Sawed it to measure, drilled larger holes for the tripod screws (broke a drillbit in the process, metal is haaard T_T) and bent into the correct shape with a vice and MY TWO HANDS.  Cameras are held in place with aforementioned tripod screws, and a couple of anti-slip self-adhesive furniature pads.  There’s also a little plug holding the hotshoes together for extra stability made out of hotglue and bits of a plastic CDR-protector disc, and tied to the rest of the bracket with fishing wire so I don’t lose it.

Cameras are linked via HARD WORK AND TEARS.  I was trying to solder together a Y-splitter for 2.5mm jacks so I could use my current remote trigger and link both cameras to it, but you know what? 2.5mm jacks are TINY, I got one done fine but the other was a different design on the inside and near impossible to solder.. They were the last two I could find too -_-  Ended up with a 3.5mm->2.5mm converter and then pillaged a 3.5mm jack from old earphones. Once finally wired up and after several misfires where wires crossed and many inadvertant photos were taken, I found out that the remote isn’t needed – as luck would have it when you use the shutter button, the signal cable is closed so a straight 2.5mm->2.5mm lead in each camera will essentially sync them without hassle, press the shutter on one, both fire!  bonus. Saves juggling the rig and a remote trigger cable!  A quick rewire and it’s good to go for Expo time.

Long story short, if you’ve got a cool costume that’d look good in 3D, FIND ME!  I doubt I’ll be lugging both cameras in the bracket all day but can’t hurt to ask. If the weather is nice I’ll likely be outside for the majority of the time, but this is me, I’ll be everywhere really.

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Server Moved!

So after, what, eight years of squatting on a backup NotNet server? ManyLemons has finally gotten too big for its boots and has moved on to freeload off someone else :P  Many thanks to BenC for all the years of generous service!

Now your plethora of cosplay photographs come hosted courtesy of the wonderous CosplayIsland.

Everything seems to have moved across without much of a hitch, there were a few brief outages of 500 SERVER ERROR OH CRAP EVERYTHING IS DEAD ABORT ABORT ABORT but now everything is sorted, hopefully.  I now have access to server logs, bandwidth stats and 404 lists :O  So have been cleaning up old broken incoming links and hotlinked thumbnails for galleries of yesteryear when I didn’t have a decent album structure down, it took some wild, crazy RewriteRule work but I think I’ve caught most of them now.  Yell if you spot any around in peoples’ old LJ entries or whatnot that don’t appear now. Poik.net has finally shifted too so shortlinks should be working again, yay.

Other bonus is speeeed, the new server is shiny and stuff. Though how well it will cope with the UK’s cosplay hub and biggest photo gallery on the same server come convention time?  Only time will tell!  Oh hello Expo, coming up are you?  Oh dear.

The damaged 50mm lens has been replaced just in time (thanks to Lex for aid with that! Again!)  for Expo and I’ll be trying out a cheapy RapidStrap copycat to see if it makes me any quicker at getting those unexpected photos!  I’m working on a stereo-camera bracket for 3Dness but it poses many a problem so whether a working prototype will be in action at Expo or not is yet to be seen..

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More tweakings…

Nothing interesting here, just a mild update.

Just in case things appear to explode, I am still tweaking things at random.. Usually gets fixed pretty quickly but for a boom that lasted all of a minute before I undid it a few days ago, it’s still showing on Google’s results XD Also since I 301’d the old addresses I’ve lost top spot for most of the old searches, bah.

So things may magically appear or disappear, I’m also trying stuff that isn’t particularly of use to this site but playing with anyway for future reference.

Now you can Facebook ‘Like’ any individual entry, photo or album and it should work accordingly.. Although this is ridiculous to test as Facebook does hide any form of Like-spamming so after a first test which failed I now can’t see any new Likes so have to kind of leave it a few days and try again to check it’s working properly with the metadata.. Anyone else feel free to test and let me know, but I wouldn’t ask anyone to spam up their wall with my rubbish :P

Twitter buttons on the other hand were a lot easier, much more open and you can easily test ’em, so yay. They, of course, use my poik.net shortlinks ;)

Do I think ANYONE is likely to tweet or Like anything I put here? hell no, but at least the option’s there ;) I figure if nothing else it means people who live on facebook can sort of point photos of themselves out easily..

Along similar lines I got OpenId and Facebook Connect working for the comment system, semipointless since I allow anonymous comments but should you want it to PROVE it was you or get your face/icon next to said comment, DONE AND DONE, so basically if you have an FB/LJ/Google/whatever account you can use it to sign in and post with it, it’s kind of fancy. Would be more pointful if you had to log in to comment and thus it would be removing a requirement to create a new account, but hey. It is there for PLOTTINGS.

I’ll upload more videos at some point, most of the edited ones are now up the rest are more stupid stuff we got up to at uni and odd bits and pieces.. May also rejig the title images for each since they were designed to be random sized thumbnails XD




Edit: So the FB thing, does one expect to battle 4-5 hours of HELL to get metadata to show up? I certainly didn’t!

Stupid head tags being nommed by embedding applications…

Still can’t test it myself it seems, so feel free to let me know if liking an individual image or album actually works..

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Shortening the Intarwebs

Soo, I’ve been busy.

As you may have noticed, my URL is not the shortest of things, tack on the gallery bits and try linking to any actual images.. and yeah, hugeness occurs. Especially with Gallery2’s love of ?=STUFF tags all upons. I realise I’m slightly strange in having a gallery where every file has a unique filename but still…



well more THINGS HAVE BEEN GENERALLY ADDED AND HACKED TO PIECES than changed, but change has happened too.

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Gallery begone!

/gallery/ is dead, long live /photos!

it is gone but has come back out of chrysalis as something else.

Soo, here goes.  ManyLemons relaunch! ..again!

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New Era of Lemonage

So toying with WordPress, after years of idly playing with the idea of writing a site to hold my videos and other bits and pieces while Gallery2 handles all the images.. I figured hey, maybe I should leave that to people who know what they’re doing :O

So here comes some STANDARD WEB TECHNOLOGY all up in my website. Yeah.

We’ll see how it holds up..

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