Something lemony this way comes..

So we’ve got quite the run up of events approaching at shocking speed, MinamiCon is this coming weekend and once more I’ll be waxing satirical about photography rubbish so if you’re around earlyish on the Friday I appear to once more be taking over Event Room 2 from 5 ’til 6. So be there. Or don’t be. That’s fine; I won’t mind. I-it’s not like I do these things for you or anything.

To the right you may well notice something unusual, you may see this at the forthcoming events, do not run, do not fear or panic. Well, unless it looks good in 60fps, then feel free. Most importantly, don’t freeze on the spot! The deer-in-headlights look isn’t in fashion this season, do something cool instead! The lemon demands it. ManyLemons may well be revisiting something of a page from its own tattered, ancient-runed book, and taking a little return to roots with a project I have in mind.

To this end: EXPECT THE LENS

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