Video: You Don’t Know Poik

Lamest title ever, this was also part of the Summer 2002 Graduation video medley I put together so it was pretty rushed, even though this was the only one I went back to and finished later.. I honestly couldn’t come up with anything else :P

“You Don’t Know Jack” (YDKJ) is a PC quiz game. It’s a huge game series in America, spanning so many different topics with addon packs and the like. I’m not going to voice an opinion on the US games *coughcoughcrapcough* because this may provoke a war.

However the UK edition (little spoken about and sadly the only UK iteration) is a true work of art. Brilliant atmosphere, stylish, truly sharp humour and wit and it has had many grown men on their knees trying to catch their breath from laughter.

After a heavy session of proving how truly poor we are at such a satirical quiz game, and failing to get onto the high score board, again, the game (as always) played a set of joke adverts while the credits rolled. One of these adverts caught us off-guard, “John Target – The Movie”. It took us many hours playing the game before the advert popped up again and we were able to cunningly snatch it from the game. We are missing the first few seconds, however. Think any random Arnie film and you get the idea. The clip itself is a parody, obviously, but without visuals. I decided I should add some.

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